The changing face of CTRM: how do commodity trading firms adapt?

This edition of Think Tank series will examine how different departments within commodity trading firms can work together efficiently and make use of real-time insights into positions for trading, logistics and finance departments.

This closed-door, online roundtable is designed for senior executives within commodity trading firms to discuss how organisations can make use of real-time insights into positions for trading, logistics and finance departments.

The intimate setting will allow participants to exchange ideas on best practices and specific challenges pertinent to commodity risk management. 

Discussion topics include:
  • The integration of CTRM and ERP (Commodity Management) systems – key consideration in selection and implementation
  • What will be key requirements to support business process and management of the supply chain 
  • How the integration and breaking the silos help navigate future market challenges
  • Addressing issues surrounding data accuracy, traceability, collaboration and consistency across departments
  • How to manage and navigate ever increasing sources and variety of data from the different functions
  • Opportunities and capabilities of existing technology tools in this space
Who should attend?

The event is designed for commodity trading professionals that work with a CTRM system. Job roles include, but are not limited to:

  • Head of Risk
  • Market Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Liquidity Risk
  • Enterprise Risk
  • Data Management
  • Finance
  • Treasurer
  • Logistics

While audience participation isn't required, we want this online session to be as interactive as possible and encourage attendees to ask questions and make comments.

About think tanks think tanks are virtual roundtables designed exclusively for senior executives. These virtual events provide an intimate, board room style setting for executives to discuss a specific trend or challenge in order to develop the best course of action to address it. The discussion is conducted under Chatham House rules which means it is off the record hence participants can share their views openly, freely and anonymously. would welcome senior practitioners to take part to exchange idea with peers and to move forward together during uncertain times.

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