Speaker Q&A 2

Speaker Q&A 2

Tom Hardin (Tipper X), The FBI's most productive cooperating witness in Operation Perfect Hedge - Q&A


Q1: This year's conference theme is 'Rethinking risk management’. In your opinion, how will the industry move forward?

Coming from the culture and conduct risk side of thinking about the business, one change I see from my experience and my corporate training engagements is this area of focus no longer being a separate area of risk and compliance and more ingrained in the day to day functions of the business.

Q2: What are you most excited about for the future and what can the next generation of risk managers look forward to?

For a number of years, I think we had a hard time defining “what is conduct risk?” From what I see today in my training engagements, firms are becoming much more thoughtful about how they define, measure and analyze conduct risk and its implications to the business on a go-forward basis.

Q3: What in your opinion is going to be the biggest challenge for the industry as we move forward?

The changing global regulatory landscape continues to be a challenge for the industry. The focus on personal accountability for risk managers and senior compliance officers is here to stay, focusing on individuals and their actions.

Q4: Your session is titled, 'The Inside Story of Tipper X’, please can you give us a glimpse into what you will be discussing at the upcoming Risk and Regulation Forum?

I will share my own personal story of misconduct, the psychological traps which pulled me across the line from unethical to illegal activity, the perils of isolated decision making, cooperation with law enforcement and reflections today on conduct risk within larger organizations.