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Global Quant Network

Stay informed. Stay connected. Stay ahead.



The annual Global Quant Network event is back!

As global lockdowns continue, staying connected with your community has never been more important. Quantitative teams are playing a crucial role during this pandemic, and will continue to do so in coming months, if not years, in an effort to reinvigorate battered markets.

The annual Global Quant Network event will take place on July 12-15 which will bring together our regional events in Americas, EMEA & APAC into one global quant gathering that you simply cannot miss!


Managing the Covid-19 fallout
Systematic strategies in the crisis
Quant approach to Libor transition
Machine learning for asset managers
Integrating ESG in quant strategies
Option pricing
Volatility modeling
Quant investing
Systematic global macro strategies
Quantum evolution in finance
Quant trading & execution
Neural nets in finance

Virtual networking made easy!

Even if you can't shake hands (or elbow bump), you can still chat, network, and video conference with your industry peers at Global Quant Network. Our event platform includes a new AI matchmaking tool that enables you to connect with our global audience from the comfort of your own sofa.

With dedicated networking time built into the agenda, this tool makes it easy to connect, schedule, and start conversations with the right people, at the right time!