RISK.NET WELCOME ADDRESS: Phil Harding, Head of Content, RISK.NET


KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Keynote: adherence to the FX Global Code: Where do we stand?

  • How many SoC? Breakdown per type of institutions – effort on buy-side
  • Benefits
  • How can I adhere
  • How I communicate – register
  • ECB buy-side liaison group

Guy-Charles Marhic,  Principal, Bond Markets and International Division, EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK


OPENING DEBATE: Forces behind the changing FX market structure: How will the next-gen FX trading look like?

  • FX trading 2.0: How is your FX desk adapting to market innovation, new regulations and evolving product offerings?
  • Analysing complexity and composition of liquidity in the FX market today: When does liquidity become a problem and how do you plan ahead for your daily trading needs?
  • Best execution and TCA: As the use of execution algorithms widens, how can the buy-side gain more transparency around their pre-trade, execution and post-trade performance?
  • ML, AI, Blockchain – what role will new technology play in meeting buy-side needs?

Moderator:  Paul Houston, Global Head of FX Products,  CME GROUP
Harwig Wild, Deputy Director, Senior Currency Manager, METZLER CAPITAL MARKETS
Thomas Wind, Executive Director, Head of Foreign Exchange & Trading, WOODMAN ASSET MANAGEMENT
Christoph Hock, Head of Multi-Asset Trading,  UNION INVESTMENT
Adrian Averre, Head of FX Forwards Trading, BNP PARIBAS


PRESENTATION: A bright future for FX futures

  • How are regulatory pressures impacting the FX market and are traders considering the impact of regulations in their product choice?
  • What is current demand for FX futures and what are expectations for the future?
  • Understanding the costs of trading OTC FX and FX Futures: What are the biggest drivers of the differences?
  • What does the buy-side feel are the key impediments to moving more of their OTC volume to FX futures and what does the future hold?

David Stryker, Principal, GREENWICH ASSOCIATES




FIRESIDE CHAT:  The evolution of FX hedging  

  • Centralisation of treasury - what are the volume, execution and operational impacts?
  • Strategic vs transactional- the board’s view of FX
  • Technology investments vs delivered benefits- analytics, algos and SDP vs MDP
  • Traded products and counter parties - time for futures and non-bank market makers?

Interviewed by: Paul Houston, Global Head of FX Products,  CME GROUP
Dmitri Tikhonov, Managing Director, Head  of Portfolio Management, RECORD CURRENCY MANAGEMENT


ALL STAR PANEL: From Brexit to trade wars: What geopolitical and macro developments will drive FX markets?

  • Central banks divergence or convergence: Where are the opportunities for the buy-side?
  • Europe and the Brexit: Will the Old Continent rise in solidarity? 
  • Looming trade wars: What will be implications to European markets?
  • Outlook for G10 currencies in early 2019 and beyond

Moderator: Erik Norland,  Senior Economist,  CME GROUP
Stefanie Holtze-Jen, Chief Currency Strategist, DWS
Philippe Waechter, Chief Economist, OSTRUM ASSET MANAGEMENT
Guy Verberne, Chief Economist, PGGM INVESTMENTS


CLOSING REMARKS: Phil Harding, Head of Content, RISK.NET