Advisory Board

Buy-Side Risk Global 2021 Advisory Board

Katie Day

Global COO of risk & quantitative analysis


Judith Hilton


DWS Americas

Andrew Peters

Head of risk

New York Life Investments

Balakrishna Subramanian

President & chief risk officer

Engineers Gate

Chris Callies

Interim CRO/CIO

Global Financial Firms

Chris partners with senior officers of major financial institutions to address growing complexity in the nature of financial risk and its rapid migration across geographic, asset class, market structure, and operational boundaries. Initially working with asset managers, commercial banks, investment banks, and multi-family offices through the 2007-2008 financial crisis, Chris’ professional domain later expanded to alternatives managers, insurance firms, non-bank lenders, and regulators. Prior to embarking on a consulting track in 2006, Chris advanced through a series of senior roles at Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch, and Bessemer Trust, including Chief Investment Strategist, Chief Strategist, Head of Market Risk Strategy, and acting CIO (1986-2005), with oversight of more than $40 billion in traditional and alternative assets. Chris is an enthusiastic advocate for fully integrated, flexible risk diagnostics as a vital tool for effective capital planning and product development, as well as sustainable returns.

Before starting a career on Wall Street, Chris earned a bachelor’s degree at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, with a sub-specialty in advanced applied mathematics.

Navin Sharma

Global fixed income risk management lead

T. Rowe Price

Erin Browne

Managing director, asset allocation portfolio manager


Mark Schaltuper

Managing director for enterprise risk management


Sudipto De

Risk officer, lead for equity & securitized products risk management

Lord, Abbett & Co. LLC

Max Gokhman



Will Hadfield

Investing editor

Will Hadfield runs the investing team for, overseeing coverage of hedge funds, conventional asset managers and insurance companies. He previously covered market structure for Bloomberg News in London, both as a reporter and an editor. He studied History at the University of Durham and is a French speaker.