Reasons to attend

Reasons to attend

Top 15 reasons to attend Quant Summit Virtual

  1. Benefit from a carefully curated program featuring exclusive content and hear from the world’s leading quants from the comfort of your home or office;

  2. Don’t miss out on the keynote address from Marcos López de Prado of Cornell University School of Engineering, who’ll be presenting his latest research on machine learning in asset management;

  3. Hear award-winning research from’s ‘Quants of the Year 2020’ - Fabio Mercurio, Bloomberg and Andrei Lyashenko, QRM;

  4. Exciting new research from renowned industry quants, including Peter Carr, Michael Pykhtin, Gordon Ritter, Petter Kolm, Julien Guyon, Leif Andersen and many more;

  5. Get exclusive insights into the latest quant research at a bargain price, with no need for travel expenses!

  6. New research from Tony Morris, global head of quantitative strategies at Nomura, and Pascal Traccucci, global head of risk at La Francaise Asset Management – new executive presenters at the Quant Summit;

  7. Hear from Andrew Dyson, chairman and chief executive officer, QMA delivering a keynote address on “Blueprint for quant in turbulent times”;

  8. Enjoy bonus content – get a full access pass to the on-demand content from Quant Summit Europe, the leading European quant event that took place in March 2020;

  9. No need to take time off work – with shorter days, on-demand content and longer breaks – you can easily work the conference into your busy work schedule;

  10. Take advantage of our AI-powered networking tool within our virtual event platform, which will connect you with the right people, at the right time;

  11. Don’t miss the session on the future applications of quantum computing with Davide Venturelli, research scientist, NASA Ames Research Center;

  12. What does the future hold for quant education in a new world? Get insights from program directors of the world’s top quant programs;

  13. Learn how to effectively integrate ESG in quantitative strategies with senior executives from Voya, Arabesque and Acadian;

  14. Gain unraveled insights on strategies and models quants are adopting during Covid-19 – join panels, think tanks and multiple presentations dedicated to the topic;

  15. Hear from the trio of quants - Christian Schwarz and Alexei Kondratyev from Standard Chartered Bank and Blanka Horvath from King's College London (’s Rising Star Award 2020) – who will present their sought after research on market generators!

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