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Numerix is the leading provider of innovative capital markets technology applications and real-time intelligence capabilities for trading and risk management. Committed to out-of-the box thinking, the exploration and adoption of latest technologies, Numerix is dedicated to driving a more open, fintech oriented, digital financial services market. Built upon a 20+ year analytical foundation of deep practical knowledge, experience and IT understanding, Numerix is uniquely positioned in the financial services ecosystem to help its users reimagine operations, modernize business processes and capture profitability. For more information, please visit www.numerix.com

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Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) is one of the world’s major exchange groups. Headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in Mainland China, Singapore and London, HKEX operates a range of equity, commodity, fixed income and currency markets. As Hong Kong’s only securities and derivatives exchange, the sole operator of the city’s clearing houses, HKEX is uniquely placed to offer regional and international investors access to Asia’s most vibrant markets. HKEX is also one of the world’s premier initial public offering (IPO) centres, offering companies unrivalled opportunities to access growth capital through a Hong Kong listing. 

HKEX is also the leader in the trading of industry metals through its wholly owned subsidiaries, London Metal Exchange (LME) and LME Clear.  This commodity franchise was further enhanced with the launch of Qianhai Mercantile Exchange, or QME, a new commodities trading venue in Mainland China, in 2018.

HKEX launched the ground-breaking Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect programme in 2014, allowing international investors direct access to Mainland China’s stock market for the first time. The scheme was expanded with the launch of Shenzhen Connect in 2016, and the launch of Bond Connect in 2017.

With nearly 2,000 employees around the world, HKEX is committed to the provision of strong, stable and innovative markets, ongoing product and market innovation and to connecting investors and companies around the world.  




香港交易所亦透過全資子公司倫敦金屬交易所(LME)及LME Clear,運營全球最大的工業金屬交易中心;並於2018年在中國深圳設立前海聯合交易中心,在大宗商品業務方面又邁出重要一步。






さらに完全子会社であるロンドン金属取引所(LME)、LME Clearによる取引が貢献し、非鉄金属の取引においてもリーダー的地位を占めています。2018年には中国本土の商品取引センターとして前海商品取引所(QME)を新規開設し、コモディティ取引の機能をさらに拡大しました。





홍콩거래소(HKEX)는 전세계 주요 거래소 중 하나입니다. 홍콩 본사와 중국, 싱가포르, 런던에 위치한 지사를 통해 주식, 상품, 채권, 통화 시장을 폭넓게 운영하고 있습니다. 홍콩에서 주식과 파생상품을 거래하는 유일한 거래소이자 청산소 단독운영기관으로서 역내 투자자와 해외 투자자 모두에게 아시아의 가장 역동적인 시장들에 대한 최적의 접근성을 선사합니다. 또한, 세계 최고의 기업공개(IPO) 중심지로서 홍콩에서 상장하는 기업들에게 독보적인 성장자본 조달 기회를 제공합니다.

홍콩거래소의 완전 자회사인 런던금속거래소(LME)와 LME 클리어(Clear)를 통해 홍콩거래소는 산업용 금속 거래에 있어서도 선도적 입지를 구축하고 있습니다. 2018년에는 중국본토에서의 상품거래를 위해 치엔하이상업거래소(QME)가 새롭게 출범하여 상품거래 부문이 다시 한번 강화되었습니다. 

또한, 2014년에는 획기적인 교차거래제도인 후강퉁을 도입해 해외 투자자가 사상 최초로 중국본토의 증시에 직접 접근할 수 있도록 했습니다. 이에 나아가 2016년에는 선강퉁을 출범하고, 2017년에는 채권퉁을 출범해 교차거래제도를 더욱 확대했습니다.

전세계적으로 약 2천명에 달하는 직원을 보유한 홍콩거래소는 견고하고, 안정적이며, 혁신적인 시장을 선보이고, 상품과 시장 혁신을 지속하며, 전세계 투자자와 기업을 연결하기 위해 최선의 노력을 다할 것입니다.  


Premia Partners is an investment manager dedicated to Asia ETF & smart beta investment solutions. We founded the firm on 3 core beliefs:

1. There is enormous scope for innovation in Asian ETFs and opportunities to introduce global best practice to the region 
2. Asian investors shouldn't have to trade in New York or London to find the best products the ETF industry has to offer 
3. Asian investors deserve better solutions than available today and technology allows us to make them a reality

Working with leading global thinkers and institutions, our goal is to be a trusted ETF partner for investors by providing best-in-class ETFs, a range of ETF tools and solutions, and an efficient technology platform that enriches and empowers our partners and investors in Asia and for Asia.

We are focused on 2 main businesses to start: 
1. Creating best-in-class Asia listed ETFs that deliver Asia exposures not available today 
2. Solving the complexity of the global ETF industry for Asian clients

Societe Generale

Societe Generale is one of the leading European financial services groups. Based on a diversified and integrated banking model, the Group combines financial strength and proven expertise in innovation with a strategy of sustainable growth, aiming to be the trusted partner for its clients, committed to the positive transformations of society and the economy.

Active in the real economy for over 150 years, with a solid position in Europe and connected to the rest of the world, Societe Generale has over 147,000 members of staff in 67 countries and supports on a daily basis 31 million individual clients, businesses and institutional investors around the world by offering a wide range of advisory services and tailored financial solutions. The Group is built on three complementary core businesses:

  • French Retail Banking, which encompasses the Societe Generale, Crédit du Nord and Boursorama brands. Each offers a full range of financial services with omnichannel products at the cutting edge of digital innovation;
  • International Retail Banking, Insurance and Financial Services to Corporates, with networks in Africa, Russia, Central and Eastern Europe and specialised businesses that are leaders in their markets;
  • Global Banking and Investor Solutions, which offers recognised expertise, key international locations and integrated solutions.

Societe Generale is included in the principal socially responsible investment indices: DJSI (World and Europe), FTSE4Good (Global and Europe), Euronext Vigeo (World, Europe and Eurozone), four of the STOXX ESG Leaders indices, and the MSCI Low Carbon Leaders Index.

For more information, you can follow us on twitter @societegenerale or visit our website www.societegenerale.com


Past Supporting Organisations

Association of Private Bankers in Greater China Region is the first professional society in North Asia distinctively gathers and trains private bankers and specialists working in family offices, independent asset managers as well as boutique investment houses. APB offers professional training, organizes activities to foster knowledge exchange, promotes long term industry development, supports collaboration among practitioners and delivers a range of professional services to wealth owners.

APB Mission:

Uphold the moral and ethical standard of the industry
Support the industry practitioners in professional development
Collect opinions from the industry practitioners and deepen the research level of the industry
Unite the industry practitioners for promoting collaboration, sharing market intelligence and collectively discussing with the relevant market players & regulatory authorities on industry agenda
Disseminate and advocate the best business practices
Contact Us:

Tel: +852 3499 3851
Website: http://private-bankers.net  
Email: [email protected] 


联系我们: +852 3499 3851
网站:  http://private-bankers.net
电邮: [email protected]

Association of Family Offices in Asia (AFO) is a professional society in Asia distinctively gathers single, multi and virtual family offices as well as the industry societies in the region. AFO offers a range of consultancy services and organize activities to facilitate collaboration and co-investment among the prestige circle.

AFO Mission :

  • Promote the industry and advocate members to practice the highest ethical standard and deliver customers with professional & reliable financial services.
  • Encourage the practitioners to commit to continuous professional development training, thereby promote the industry to advance to the higher level of specialization
  • Research with particular interests in the long-term development of the industry, regulatory policies & the effectiveness and the competition in Asia and in global arena.
  • Support the constancy exchange among the practitioners practicing in the region and build the platform to enable the communication & networking among practitioners.
  • Enhance the communication and engagement among family offices in the region and establish network for arranging club deals.
  • Provide resources, education and consultation services for family offices in the region.
  • Encourage all family members to become involved in the goal of developing and preserving family legacy through the instrument of the single family office.
  • Support the industry to promote all-rounded services covering financial, succession management and corporate development to wealthy families and their family offices.

Contact Us +852 3499 3851
Website: https://www.familyoffices-asia.com/
Email: [email protected]