2019 Programme





Welcome remarks: Gary Tiernan, Head of Investments, CROSSINVEST

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Chief Economist address: Investment risks and strategies in second half of 2018

  • How volatility will look in the future as QE is unwinding?
  • How asynchronous monetary policy and geo-political uncertainties affect Asian markets?
  • Strategies in asset allocation and risk diversification in the rising rate environment
  • Analysing the shifts in investors' asset allocation preferences in Asia
  • Outlook on the performance of different asset classes

Li Cui, Chief Economist, Managing Director, and Head of Macro Research, CHINA CONSTRUCTION BANK INTERNATIONAL


All-star panel: Top investment trends in the market that never sleeps

Join a panel of executives from a cross-section of the buy-side sector to uncover the top trends that will shape the future of institutional investors and portfolio strategies. Based on the following key topic areas, the panel will examine how institutional investors should act now to get prepared for these future developments:

  • Rising rates and volatility
  • Robot vs. Human
  • Asia's competitive edge

Gary Tiernan, Head of Investments, CROSSINVEST

Arjan de Boer, Head of Markets, Investments & Structuring, Asia, INDOSUEZ WEALTH MANAGEMENT
Belle Liang, Head of Investment Advisory, HANG SENG BANK
Eddie Lau, Chief Investment Officer & Deputy CEO, RONGTONG GLOBAL INVESTMENT LIMITED
Eugene Lee, Partner, CARRET

Get involved and contribute! You can now submit your questions to [email protected] and our panelists will address your pressing issues.


Morning coffee break


Fire-side chat: Maximising returns in Asian Equity Portfolios by managing cash

  • What is the cost of holding cash?
  • What major challenges are asset managers facing in managing cash?
  • What do regional managers do today?
  • What role can futures play in deploying your trading strategies?

Blake Evans-Pritchard, Deputy Bureau Chief, Asia, ASIA RISK

Alexander Siu, Senior Vice President, Equity Product Development, HKEX
Bharat Sachanandani, Head of Flow Strategy & Solutions, Asia Pacific, SOCIÉTÉ GÉNÉRALE
Viktor Östebo, Head of Institutional Trading, FLOWTRADERS


Panel discussion: Effective ETF portfolio management and investment strategies

  • What are the key trends shaping the ETF landscape in the region?
  • How are ETFs changing the fixed income market? 
  • How are trading platforms and distribution methods evolving?
  • What are the latest strategies and approaches in ETF model portfolio design and construction?
  • Tactical allocation vs portfolio risk hedging: how are investors using ETFs?

Andrew Lo, Executive Director, UBS WEALTH MANAGEMENT

Aleksey Mironenko, Partner & Chief Distribution Officer, PREMIA PARTNERS
Andy Wong, Chief Investment Strategist, HARRIS FRASER GROUP




Presentation: Fixed income investment in rising interest rates

  • Examining a few high probability trading ideas in fixed income investment against the backdrop of rising interest rates
  • Strategies ranging from buy-and-hold to convertible bond trading that may benefit from the rising rates
  • Effectively manage the risk of these strategies

Roger Wong, Vice President of Business Solutions, North Asia, NUMERIX


Presentation: China innovation: the noise, the fact, and the opportunities

  • ZTE ban and its implication on China development in technology
  • Do Chinese firms innovate and how do they compare with global peers
  • Supply and demand in human capital and financial resources with the support from the government
  • Opportunities in capturing the technological advancement

David Lai, Partner and Co-CIO, PREMIA PARTNERS


Presentation: Risk premia investing - What contributes to the rising popularity?

  • Where do risk premia strategies fit into a portfolio asset allocation?
  • Evaluating risk premia against your current strategies
  • Understanding how risk premia can improve the overall risk-return profile of an asset portfolio

Eric Huang, Head of QIS, Asia, SOCIÉTÉ GÉNÉRALE


Afternoon coffee break


Presentation: Disrupting index-linked structured products

  • Index innovation & structured products
  • The new wave of indices designed for the global autocallable market
  • Proof of concept with actual case studies in Europe and Asia
  • Going further

Guillaume Calvino, Head of Financial Engineering, Equity Derivatives, Asia Pacific, NATIXIS


Panel discussion: Sustainable investment in Asia – more than a trend?

  • What are the lingering issues with adopting ESG?
  • How to use ESG to generate alpha in diversified portfolios?
  • Asset class diversification and the growth of ESG in the fixed-income space
  • Regulatory initiatives or incentives in driving emergence in sustainable investing in Asia

Prof. Véronique A. Lafon-Vinais, Associate Professor of Business Education, Dept of Finance and Executive Director (Career Development & Corporate Outreach), HKUST BUSINESS SCHOOL

Derek Mok, Chief Investment Officer, FUBON CONVOY ASSET MANAGEMENT
Ronnie Lim, Senior Engagement Specialist, ROBECO
Yaping Liu, Vice President, ZHENGHE KAIYUAN HOLDING


Panel discussion: Opening of China's interbank bond market - developments and opportunities

  • How investors are using different financial instruments in accessing China?
  • What are the innovations and implications of China Bond Connect? How will it affect China's bond market?
  • What types of bonds are foreign investors likely to buy?
  • What are the potential benefits of increased demand for China A-share market? How can product issuers take advantage of the A-share market?

Mushtaq Kapasi, Chief Representative, Asia-Pacific, INTERNATIONAL CAPITAL MARKET ASSOCIATION (ICMA)

Stephen Pau, Chief Investment Officer, HEFENG FAMILY OFFICE
Eddie Lau, Chief Investment Officer & Deputy CEO, RONGTONG GLOBAL INVESTMENT LIMITED
Barry Lau, Managing Partner, ADAMAS ASSET MANAGEMENT


End of forum