2020 Programme


Opening remarks

09:00 - 09:10


Keynote address: Are we heading into a global recession?

09:10 - 09:40


CIO Panel: Weathering headwinds from adverse economic conditions

09:40 - 10:10

  • Is globalization stuttering or advancing? How should portfolio managers get prepared for either scenario?
  • Withstanding negative interest rate
  • End cycle investing – how much diversification is sufficient? 
  • Can investors shelter from risks using low volatility strategy?


Morning break

10:10 - 11:00


FICC executive dialogue: Fixed income – the new alpha generator?

11:00 - 11:40

  • Driving forces behind the growth of fixed income investments in Asia
  • Security and sector mispricings - new alpha opportunities for active managers?
  • Can alpha co-exist with a portfolio that is highly correlated to credit returns?
  • China’s off-shore bond market: why an active approach to security selection is important


How to succeed in AI and quant investing

11:40 - 12:20

  • Finding value using quant strategy amid high volatilities
  • From real-time data to social media sentiment data – what data is needed for an effective quant investing strategy?
  • Is adding a human overlay to the quant investment process necessary?
  • How to validate and benchmark long-term performance of quant investments



12:20 - 13:20


LIBOR transition – what do investment managers need to know?

13:20 - 13:50

  • LIBOR transition’s impact on investors
  • How to initiate a project with dedicated resources to address transition
  • Building an inventory of exposures – assessing the economic impact and operational impact
  • Where to start in the transition of investment activities? What is the liquidity consideration?
  • Internal and external communications


Deep dive: resolving the investment data puzzle

13:50 - 14:20

  • Current challenges with investment data
  • The role of alternative data in portfolio analytics
  • Improving data quality to avoid a “garbage-in-garbage-out” scenario
  • Enhance portfolio performance through data aggregation and enhanced analysis


Navigating currency volatilities and FX risks

14:20 - 14:50

  • The growing need to hedge amid portfolio diversification
  • Why are some investors increasing their offshore holdings but hedging less of their FX exposure?
  • Active approach to currency management: alpha generating or risk mitigating?
  • The essential parameters for determining the optimal hedge


Afternoon break

14:50 - 15:20


Investment theme spotlight: ESG investments – a reality check

15:20 - 16:10

  • ESG integration = better risk-adjusted returns – where’s the proof?
  • Clearly defining the role of ESG in your portfolio strategy
  • How to integrate climate change into investment analysis and risk management
  • How does ESG investments fulfil the different goals of long-term and short-term investors?


Panel discussion: Reinventing access to China: the way forward

16:10 - 17:00

  • China’s connect initiatives – how are these going to take shape and what to expect?
  • As Chinese banks thriving to penetrate international markets, what product innovation can we expect?
  • What are the remaining restrictions for off-shore investors to trade more China A-shares and for index weightings to increase?
  • The rise bond index inclusion – does this imply international ratings will be deployed soon? What are the opportunities presented to investors?
  • ETF cross listings – how far from realization?


Closing remarks

17:00 - 17:05


End of conference

17:05 - 17:06