ESG & Climate Risk Summit Europe 2023

Delivering practical takeaways and driving best practices in ESG and climate risk management to achieve improved market confidence, brand reputation and higher shareholder value.

Where ESG risk leaders connect, exchange ideas and make vital steps towards the new future of finance

ESG is seeing massive money inflows due to the growing importance of climate action. With global ESG assets expected to reach $53 trillion by 2025, many are searching for ways to better analyze and improve how their business and their investments perform when it comes to impact-investment decision making.​

The event will gather senior risk management and investment strategy decision makers from asset managers, hedge funds, life insurance firms, pension funds and investment banks in the UK and Europe online, guaranteeing that you gain new ideas, new connections and a new perspective on ESG risk management and climate risk.

Net Zero

As the ESG trend continues to grow, more clients want assurance that their portfolios are not contributing to climate change.  As a result, banks, asset managers, and funds will want to consider: 

  • Carbon pollution by company 

  • Carbon pollution by sector 

  • Carbon offsets 

Carbon disclosure

With the growing demand for ESG data in order to become more net-zero, organizations are needed to participate in the climate movement.  It is important for companies to give information on their carbon pollution in three tiers: 

  • Scope 1 – direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 

  • Scope 2 – indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 

  • Scope 3 – indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions within the value chain of a company 

Scope 3 disclosure is the hardest to monitor and we will discuss how to improve all forms of disclosure. 

ESG data

 In addition to carbon disclosure data, there are other aspects of ESG that can inform investors on a company’s impact on the climate and their financial outlook.  This includes data such as: 

  • Board/leadership diversity 

  • Human rights 

  • Water stress levels 

Climate risk modeling

Whether we like it or not, climate change is already here.  What is important at this point is minimizing its impact and determining risk through scenario analysis.  Climate risk modeling will help determine impacts on company balance sheets from paying damages, losses, or reductions in future potential profits.  These are all impacted by growing: 

  • Extreme weather events 

  • Shortages impacting supply chain 

  • Sea level rise/flooding 

Impact Investing

Asset owners and investors are choosing to use their capital for the greater good.  Companies and individual investors can be influential by: 

  • Divesting from heavy polluters 

  • Investing in heavy polluters to influence company decisions from within 

  • Investing in climate solutions


USA is much more ahead of other global regions when it comes to imposing climate friendly regulations.  We will seek to explore what other regulations are expected in the future and how to stay compliant. 

Nick Stansbury

Head of climate solutions

Legal & General Investment Management

Nasreen Kasenally

Chief risk officer, asset management and sustainability, Emea


Nasreen Kasenally is the global chief risk officer and head of sustainability risk at UBS Asset Management. She is a senior risk professional with over 20 years of experience mostly at UBS covering investment banking, asset and wealth management. In her role as chief risk officer, Kasenally is responsible for all financial risks within UBS Asset Management globally and in all the business divisions of UBS Group in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Within sustainability, she has the oversight of the risks across the group and leads the engagement and positioning to deliver the firm’s purpose and values with regards to sustainability.

Christian Kjaer

Head of liquid markets


Christian Kjær is Senior Vice President and ATP’s Head of Liquid Markets, an in-house risk-balanced multi-asset investment team with overall responsibility for the liquid part of ATP’s investment portfolio. He is a member of the investment committee, the committee for social responsibility and the corporate governance forum within ATP. Christian has previously held responsibility for global equities, inflation and volatility in ATP which he joined in 2015 as Portfolio Manager.


Prior to joining ATP Christian was Head of Inflation Trading in Nordea Markets. Before that he held positions in the Insurance and Pension Solutions Group at Credit Suisse, the Institutional Solutions group at Nordea Markets and Mckinsey & Company


Christian holds a M.Sc in Economics and a Ph.D in Economics (Game Theory) from the University of Aarhus, Denmark


In his spare time, Christian enjoys hanging out with his family and loves taking his race bike for a spin in the countryside


Lakshmi Murthy

Global lead, climate risk, ESG and sustainability analytics

Credit Suisse

Lakshmi Murthy is the Global lead for Climate Risk Strategy and ESG Analytics at Credit Suisse.


She is an experienced Financial Services leader with a passion for building scalable data-enabled products to solve business problems using advanced analytics.


Lakshmi has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from India, and an Master’s degree in Business Analytics from NYU Stern School of Business

Will Hadfield

Investing editor

Will Hadfield runs the investing team for, overseeing coverage of hedge funds, conventional asset managers and insurance companies. He previously covered market structure for Bloomberg News in London, both as a reporter and an editor. He studied history at the University of Durham and speaks French.

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