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The CRO Club is an exclusive membership for Chief Risk Officers. By becoming a member, you will be the first to be invited to exclusive CRO events, receive content and news which will be distributed exclusively to club members, and will be the first to hear about speaking opportunities.


In the current environment, there’s one thing that is certain and that’s uncertainty. Never before has it been so crucial for CROs to come together and share insights.

Brought to you by, the CRO Club is a professional community for risk management leaders and innovators to share insights, best practices and key learnings in an exclusive environment. As a member you will gain access to a global community of practitioners actively sharing insights through a series of in person and virtual roundtable discussions scheduled throughout the year. Members benefit from curated content, news, reports and industry surveys on challenges and trends impacting their roles and institutions. 
As a community of senior risk leaders, the objective is to move the industry forward through open, transparent, and unbiased conversations curated by industry practitioners for practitioners.


Risk management for the board, executives and non-executives

Designed to address the core challenges faced by boards, and executive and non-executive leadership in today’s business landscape, this course will empower participants to navigate uncertainties with confidence. Key difficulties will be addressed associated with ensuring the risk function takes on a strategic role and the interpretation of risk reports. 

With increasing regulatory pressure to respond to climate change, this course will examine how the board can best address climate risk, among other emerging risks. 

Throughout the course, participants will explore how to manage important diverse enterprise risks, while gaining the skills to align risk management with the organisational objectives and overall strategy.  

Industry experts will provide insights into transforming compliance into a strategic function by establishing effective processes, teams and tools that address compliance risks. 

November 7-10,2023 | Online

Learning objectives

  • Understand the scope and responsibilities of the risk oversight apparatus 

  • Discover why a better understanding of risk management is critical for strategic success

  • Strengthen governance frameworks

  • Analyse components of a successful compliance framework

  • Respond to risk oversight failures by learning from case studies

  • Ensure alignment of risk appetite with overall strategy


Members of the Club will receive a discount code of 20% and the opportunity to bring along a member of their organisation.

CRO Club roundtables throughout 2023

October 2023, New York - Part of Risk Live North America Fall brings CROs together to share ideas and innovation

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