Speaker Q&A

Speaker Q&A


Speaker Q&A

Alan Langworthy, CFA, CMath, Executive Director, Multi-Asset Research at Axioma (UK) Ltd.

Alan Langworthy

Why have you got involved in this event and why is it important for delegates to attend?

Buy-side Risk USA  has a great reputation for content, speakers and participants. The buy-side market has unique requirements, regulations and end client demands that benefit from focused events such as this. The market is changing, regulators are driving change and new techniques are evolving rapidly. Buy-side institutions are beginning to offer fixed income smart beta products to their clients, but their risk management processes are generally not aligned with this approach. My aim is to convince delegates that it is possible to use the same factors throughout the investment process from portfolio construction through to risk and performance, and to show the work we’re doing to make that a reality.

What is the most important/challenging thing for you for 2019?

Managing the pace of change, and ensuring we keep innovating is key. During 2019 we shall be working to gain clients’ acceptance for our new risk fixed income factor model. Changing risk models is not a decision clients take lightly and helping them understand the pros, and the cons, of such a change so they can reach a fully informed decision is important to our credibility.