June 12, 2018


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Registration and refreshments


Chair's welcome remarks

Alexander Shipilov, Managing Director, Canada Risk and Compliance Leader, PROTIVITI


Keynote address: Risks and vulnerabilities in the Canadian Financial System

  • A review of the key risks and vulnerabilities facing the Canadian financial system including:
    • High levels of household indebtedness
    • Imbalances in Canadian housing markets
    • Cybersecurity


Ron Morrow, Managing Director of Financial Stability, BANK OF CANADA


Executive address: Prudential supervision in the face of climate change

  • Considering climate change from the perspective of:
    • Physical damage caused by severe weather
    • Transitional risks as the world moves to reduce its carbon footprint
    • Other liability issues related to climate change
  • Implications for financial institutions and our increasing dependence on modelling and risk management to estimate future impacts and develop alternative approaches to address them as they manifest


Neville Henderson, Assistant Superintendent, Insurance Supervision Sector, OSFI


The CRO panel: Identify. Adapt. Evolve - The changing role of the CRO in the current environment

  • Examining the impact of:
    • Advanced technological innovations
    • Prevailing geopolitical and economic landscape
    • Climate change
  • What keeps the CRO awake at night: What are the emerging risks for the year to come and how do you quantify them?
  • Changes in the Canadian regulatory framework and the implications for firms


Moderator: Michael J. Brauneis, North American Financial Services Leader, PROTIVITI

Lakshmi Shyam-Sunder, Vice President and Chief Risk Officer, WORLD BANK GROUP

Ben Golub, Chief Risk Officer, BLACKROCK

Sandeep Goel, Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Officer, ICICI BANK CANADA

Paul Akey, Chief Risk Officer, WEALTH ONE BANK CANADA



Morning coffee and networking break

Stream 1 : Regulatory updates and risk management


Presentation: IFRS 9 - The continued adoption of the standard

With IFRS 9 programs having been live for 6 months, Darryl Ivan will share continued learnings from SAS' global customer base as they've transitioned from the stage of planning for the standard and moved to its effective management and execution.

Common themes that will be explored are:

  • Minimizing operational overhead in business & IT planning
  • Planning & coordination across disparate organizational groups
  • The data side of the equation
  • Modelling & model development
  • Considerations towards stress testing & CECL
  • Governance to build audit and oversight capabilities


Darryl Ivan, Risk Management National Practice Lead, SAS


Panel discussion: FRTB updates and priorities going forward

  • The FRTB data management challenge
  • Adjusting to the P&L attribution test
  • What are the effects of FRTB in the CVA risk framework?
  • Subtleties of the standardised approach: What are the challenges, systemic risks and asymmetries?
  • Cost or opportunity? The impact of FRTB on business strategy
  • Implications of the delay in FRTB: Should banks continue to move ahead or redirect resources?


Moderator: Robert Paolino, Former Chief Risk Officer, FORMERLY BANK OF TOKYO-MITSUBISHI UFJ

Jesus Bravo, Country Head of Traded Risk Canada, HSBC BANK CANADA

Ping Hu, Managing Director, Market Risk Analytics, WELLS FARGO

Valerie Fontaine-Aubry, FRTB Practice Lead, MUREX


Lunch and networking break


Spotlight on: XVA - Keeping up with the changing valuation adjustments

  • Understanding the evolving XVAs: KVA and MVA 
  • Next Generation Risk Architecture in the context of XVA evolution: 
    • Cloud computing 
    • Elasticity 
    • Openess


Normand Tanguay, Head of Risk - Americas, MUREX


Interview: Machine learning - A revolution in risk manangement?

  • Deploying machine learning approaches and AI to manage and mine not just transaction data, but also regulatory reporting information and other unstructured data
  • Application of machine learning in:  
    • Credit risk modelling
    • Detection of credit card fraud 
    • AML 
    • Regulatory compliance reporting 
  • Examining the overlooked data and governance side of the equation


Moderator: Simon M. Barkla, Vice President, Head of Risk & Finance Technology, TD BANK

Stevan Maglic, Senior Vice President and Head of Quantitative Risk Analytics, REGIONS BANK

Suhail Shergill, Director, Data Science and Model Validation, SCOTIABANK

Michael Ames, Senior Director Fraud, Compliance and Investigation Solutions SAS

Stream 2 : Asset allocation and investment strategy


Interview: Informing investment decisions - using machine learning and artificial intelligence


  • The use of big data and artificial intelligence for investment managers
  • Exploiting alternative data in the investment process
  • What are the most critical machine learning techniques for the future of investing?
  • Black-box machine learning: Improving transparency
  • How will data and machine learning change the investment landscape?


Moderator: Saurabh Rastogi, Director, Head of liquidity Risk, ONTARIO TEACHERS' PENSION PLAN

Greg Gipson, Managing Director - Head of Portfolio Management and Quantitative Research, Multi Asset Solutions, BMO GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT

Chai Lam, Director, Solution Architecture, RBC


The CIO panel: Rewriting the investment rules and navigating the changing investment climate

  • Investing for the long-term in a low return environment and advances in asset allocation approaches
  • Which factors are likely to have the largest influence on your asset allocation?
  • What role do geopolitical risk factors play?
  • Great expectations for ESG: What's next for asset owners and managers?
  • Assessing the accelerating role of technology in creating new investment opportunities and disrupting existing ones


Moderator: Jacques Lussier, Chief Investment Officer and Chief Executive Officer, IPSOL CAPITAL INC

Jonathan Hausman, Vice President, ONTARIO TEACHERS' PENSION PLAN

Kurt Reiman, Managing Director and Chief Investment Strategist, BLACKROCK

Nicolas Papageorgiou, Chief Investment Officer, FIERA CAPITAL

12:20 pm

Lunch and networking break


LIVE INTERVIEW: Discussing the upcoming uncleared margin rules

  • What are the rules for uncleared trades Initial Margin
  • What is the regulatory framework?
  • What are the steps to be ready for the compliance date?


Moderator: Sophie Marnhier-Foy, Principal Product Manager, Clearing Risk, CALYPSO

Liz Lindsay, Director, Collateral Management Group, BMO

Tara Kruse, Head, Non-Cleared Margin Initiative, ISDA


Spotlight on: Facing liquidity challenges in a changing regulatory environment

  • Liquidity concerns and funds drying up 
  • How is buy side dealing with market changes? 
  • Data and operational challenges in liquidity risk management
  • Managing client behaviour in order to optimise liquidity risk exposure
  • How systemic risk influences the derivatives market and illiquid instruments?


Svilen Petrov, MD, Enterprise Balance Sheet Risk, RBC


Afternoon coffee and networking break


Panel discussion: Libor replacements - Where are we now and what are the challenges expected for derivatives users?

  • What's happened so far and why it matters
  • Challenges in shifting derivative contracts to a new reference rate
  • What are the proposed mechanisms to replace the rate in legacy contracts, and will they work?
  • How end users are preparing for the changeover


Moderator: Gordon Liu, EVP US Head of Global Risk Analytics, HSBC NORTH AMERICA

Priya Radha, Director, Fixed Income Options, North America, SCOTIABANK

Kamyar Hazaveh, Vice President, Portfolio Management and Portfolio Manager, SIGNATURE GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT

Andreas Deutschmann, Head of FX, Fixed Income, Liquidity Risk, and ALDA, MANULIFE


Wrap up panel: Risk Canada - What are the key points to take away? 

Featuring members of the 2018 Advisory Board


Moderator: Robert Paolino, Former Chief Risk Officer, FORMERLY BANK OF TOKYO-MITSUBISHI UFJ

Anca Drexler, Managing Director, Risk Management OMERS CAPITAL MARKETS

Anthony Peccia, Managing Director and Chief Risk Officer, CITI CANADA

Oliver Jakob, International Chief Risk Officer, MITSUBISHI UFJ SECURITIES

Saurabh Rastogi, Director, Head of liquidity Risk, ONTARIO TEACHERS' PENSION PLAN

Simon M. Barkla, Vice President, Head of Risk & Finance Technology, TD BANK


War games: How resilient is your environment?

In each session, participants are presented with an unfolding risk scenario and tasked with considering the immediate steps they would advise their firm to take based on the information available at each stage


PART I: Scenario Dissection and Strategizing

  • Geopolitical/climate impact on liquidity
  • Third party risk failure 
  • DDoS attack


PART II: Harvest session

Each host will summarise their plan of action (POA) of the discussion and present it back to the table participants with comments


Moderator: Alexander Shipilov, Managing Director, Canada Risk and Compliance Practice Leader, PROTIVITI


Chair's closing remarks

Alexander Shipilov, Managing Director, Canada Risk and Compliance Leader, PROTIVITI


End of conference and networking drinks