Here you can read through our library of Quant research linked to Quant Summit USA, submitted by our presenters and speakers. Simply follow the links below:

Marcos López de Prado, Senior Managing Director, GUGGENHEIM PARTNERS, and Research Fellow, LAWRENCE BERKELEY NATIONAL LABORATORY

Agostino Capponi, Assistant Professor, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY

Tim Leung, Associate Professor, UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON

Michael Pykhtin, Manager, Quantitative Risk, THE FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD

Claudio Albanese, Chief Executive Officer, GLOBAL VALUATION

J.D. Opdyke, Head of Operational Risk Modeling, GE CAPITAL

Svetlana Borovkova, Associate Professor of Quantitative Finance, VRIJE UNIVERSITEIT AMSTERDAM

Gregory Pelts, Director, BLACKROCK

Fox Ling, Vice President, Quantitative Analysis, ALLIANZ GLOBAL INVESTORS