Quant Summit USA

The 15th annual Quant Summit USA returned to New York in July with an agenda showcasing the newest techniques, tools and research in quantitative finance.

At the conference this year, attendees heard from the industry's most influential quants proposing their solutions to current challenges in financial markets. Technology and regulation have been the main drivers of changes in quantitative finance and have required industry practitioners to significantly shift their focus.


The 2017 Quant Summit USA brought together top quants to deliver their latest research on some of the most trending themes, including:

  • Volatility modelling
  • Quant tools in portfolio construction
  • Risk Premia, Factor investing, Smart Beta and ETFs
  • Regulatory topics, including valuation adjustments, FRTB, Initial Margin and more
  • Liquidity risk
  • Model risk management
  • Machine Learning in financial markets
  • Algorithmic Trading strategies
  • New trends in quant finance