Q&A with our keynote speaker; Christoffer Kok of the ECB


Q1: What are you most excited about for the future of modelling and what can the next generation of risk managers look forward to? 

In my opinion, one of the most exciting developments is the advent of big data and machine learning techniques. This creates new opportunities but also new challenges that may require a re-think of some of the established approaches to risk management. 


Q2: Your session is titled, ‘The ECB's approach to top down stress testing’, please can you give us a glimpse into what you will be discussing at the upcoming Model Risk Management conference?

My talk will focus on the ECB’s top-down stress testing framework and related modelling challenges, and on how our top-down models are applied for both supervisory and macroprudential / financial stability purposes. 

Q3: Speaking of sessions, which of the other sessions at Model Risk Management Europe are you looking forward to?

Difficult question. I am intrigued by the topics of several sessions. To mention a few, I am looking very much forward to the panel discussion on stress testing and the sessions on big data and machine learning but I am also excited about the ‘war games’ session.