Fixed Income Trading and Investment Summit Europe

The premier forum for fixed income traders and portfolio managers in Europe

Calling all buy-side and sell-side traders and portfolio managers working in fixed income! Launching in London on 4th October 2017, the European Fixed Income Trading & Investment Forum is the newest addition to our events portfolio. Researched exclusively with traders and portfolio managers from some of the biggest buy-side and sell-side firms worldwide, this event has been tailored to address the key challenges arising from the ongoing evolution of the fixed income market structure and challenging macro environment plus showcase cutting-edge quant management techniques in the ever-competitive search for yield.

With two streams to choose from: 'Stream one: Trading, execution and the changing market structure' aimed at traders and 'Stream two: Quant management and the search for yield' aimed at portfolio managers, plus broader fixed income market themes discussed throughout the day, this event is a must-attend event for the key market players in the fixed income space.

Key topics for 2017 include:

  • The changing market structure and meeting new regulatory requirements
  • Liquidity pools and the rise of ETFs- Examining the sustainability of illiquidity in the fixed income market
  • Managing risk and safeguarding fixed income portfolios
  • Low bond yields - What's the game plan if rates don't go up in the near future?
  • Standardized best execution requirements in fixed income
  • New research quant management techniques in the hunt for yield
  • Looking for the yield in emerging markets (EM)
  • Anticipating central bank intervention in the corporate bond markets
  • Global credit markets - how they impact fixed income and at what stage of the credit cycle are we?
  • Smart Beta in fixed income- the new frontier?
  • Innovation in electronic bond trading platforms

...and much more!