Buy-Side Risk USA is the leading conference for investment strategy and risk professionals from across the North American Buy-Side industry. Delve into the most critical issues facing the buy-side industry.


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Registration and refreshments


Welcome remarks


Chair's opening remarks

Alec Crawford, Partner and Chief Risk Officer, LORD ABBETT


Keynote address: Regulatory road ahead 


Panel: Breaking boundaries - What does the growing convergence of investment strategy and risk management mean for buy-side firms' business models?

  • Is there a growing alignment between those working in risk and investment across the buy-side industry?
  • What impact is the increasingly prominent role of risk management having on business?
  • What role can risk manager's play in supporting investment strategy?
  • How successful have strategic risk review units and risk mitigating strategies been in ensuring strong investments?

Moderator: Jorge Mina, Managing Director, Business Management, Risk Management Analytics, MSCI

Joanna Welsh, Chief Risk Officer, CITADEL 

Marcos Bueno, Chief Investment Officer, ARGON CAPITAL

Kenneth Winston, Senior Risk Officer, WESTERN ASSET MANAGEMENT

Mark Abbott, Managing Director, Head of Analytics and Reporting, GUARDIAN LIFE

Nicholas C. Silitch, Chief Risk Officer, PRUDENTIAL


Oxford debate: Thriving in the 21st Century -  Can buy-side firms ensure their fees reflect their performance?

  • Defining what ‘being transparent' really means for buy-side firms
  • What are pension funds going to do in the wake of investor and regulator demand to see hidden fees?
  • What steps can buy-side firms take to ease clients' fears?
  • How can HFs continue to justify their ‘high' fees given the growth of ETFs and other low-fee alternatives?
  • Are there any risks inherent to greater transparency?
  • How can data that clients, and potentially regulators, want to see, be presented to them in a meaningful way?


Paul Diouri, Head of Risk, Americas, SCHRODERS

Lilian Qua, Director, Quantitative Research and Risk Management, EPOCH INVESTMENT PARTNERS

Andrew Beer, Managing Partner and Co-Portfolio Manager, Dynamic Beta, BEACHHEAD CAPITAL MANAGEMENT

Mustafa Chowdhury, Managing Director, Head of Rates, VOYA INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT


Morning coffe and networking break

Stream one: Investment strategy


Panel: The big debate: Passive vs. active investment - Is there a future for active managers?

  • How are HFs / AMs dealing with the growth of passive investment?
  • With the growth of passive, is there an opportunity for active investors to spot under-priced or over-priced assets?
  • Is it possible to have a portfolio that blends both passive and active investments?
  • Identifying alpha in passive investment portfolios

Moderator: Mike Huff, Director, Portfolio Management & Asset Allocation, TIAA

Archan Basu, Senior Vice President, Head of Portfolio Construction Guidance, FIDELITY INVESTMENTS

Leon Xin, Executive Director, Head of Risk and Portfolio Construction and Hedge Fund Strategy, JP MORGAN ASSET MANAGEMENT

Mike Huff, Director, Portfolio Management & Asset Allocation, TIAA

Alessio de Longis, Global Multi-Asset Group Portfolio Manager, OPPENHEIMERFUNDS

5 minute intermission to change streams


PRESENTATION: Fundamental change or a challenge to be met? Examining the impact of ETFs on the buy-side industry

  • Can AMs and HFs attempt to re-capture some of the retail market that ETFs have taken?
  • Are ETFs creating a fundamental, long-term change to the industry?
  • What level of liquidity can ETFs offer
  • How are ETFs impacting the bond market?



Lunch and networking break


Panel: Beating the market - optimising investments with new sources of data

  • How can alternative data (eg. web scraping) be used to identify anomalous market trends
  • Looking at evolving nature of commonly vs uncommonly used data and how both can be used to invest in assets
  • Can a combination of AI and improving real time data be used to ‘beat' the market?

Kristen Walters, Managing Director, Risk and Quantitative Analysis, BLACKROCK

5 minute intermission to change streams



Boryana Racheva-Iotova, Senior Vice President, Director of Risk Research, FACTSET

Stream two: Risk management


Panel: From benign to volatile - Managing liquidity risk for the buy-side as a new market takes shape

  • What are some of the different prevailing approaches to measuring asset liquidity?
  • What are the strengths, weaknesses and the risks of these?
  • What are the key sources of liquidity risk in a portfolio?
  • How can risk managers work alongside investment teams to ensure effective measurement and management of liquidity risk?

Moderator: Alec Crawford, Partner and Chief Risk Officer, LORD ABBETT

Michelle Beck, EVP, Chief Risk Officer, NUVEEN 

Stefano Pasquali, Managing Director, Head of Liquidity Research, BLACKROCK

Pietro Toscano, Senior Risk Manager, OPPENHEIMERFUNDS


5 minute intermission to change streams


Presentation: Topic TBC



Lunch and networking break


Panel: Modelling, machine learning and big data - What can improvements in learning algorithms and new data sources do for risk managers in buy-side firms?

  • Can large-scale models of derivatives and securities predict market behaviour?
  • How can new data sources be incorporated into models?
  • Are ‘overreaction' and ‘under-reaction' in markets predictable?
  • How can the benefits of models be made comprehensible to senior management without risking oversimplification?
  • Should models be ‘broad' (eg. focusing on larger market trends) or ‘narrow' (eg. focusing on specific asset classes)

Moderator: Ying Murdoch, Head of Investment Risk Analytics, NORTHERN TRUST ASSET MANAGEMENT

Peruvemba Satish, Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager, AMERICAN CENTURY INVESTMENTS

Isaac Lieberman, Founder & CEO, ASTON CAPITAL

5 minute intermission to change streams


Presentation: Passive explosion - What risks should buy-side firms be looking for when investing in passive funds?

  • Does the long-term growth of passive funds pose a threat to the operation of a free market?
  • What effect do passive funds have on the cost of equity and the price of credit?
  • Can passive funds hurt competitiveness between the firms they are invested in?
  • What impact are the small number of firms, who control ¾ of passively invested stocks, having on the industry and wider economy?



Coffee and networking break



Carlo Acerbi, Managing Director and Head of Risk Management Research, MSCI 


WRAP UP PANEL: Buy-Side Risk USA 2018 - What are the key points to take away?

Featuring members of the Buy-Side Risk USA advisory board

Alec Crawford, Partner and Chief Risk Officer, LORD ABBETT
Peruvemba Satish, SVP Global Analytics, AMERICAN CENTURY INVESTMENTS
Charles Schwartz, Head of Derivatives, AXA US


Closing remarks

Alec Crawford, Partner and Chief Risk Officer, LORD ABBETT


Networking drinks